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China will vigorously develop the green economy in the future


At present, China is changing the mode of economic development and adjusting its industrial structure as an important decision for the sustainable development of the national economy. In the next five years, new energy and green low-carbon development are the priorities of the state. The green economy will be the direction of China's future development.
3 December 4th China green development in guangxi qinzhou top BBS, the participating experts on ecological civilization and green city, energy conservation and emissions reduction and corporate responsibility, green food and food safety, the green house and green energy, Chinese and foreign green port construction problems in various fields such as speech.
China population resources and environment committee, deputy director of the CPPCC national committee wang yuqing, UN green economic report of the important point is that history has affected the global environmental protection and green development. Wang yuqing, said: "the United Nations report released by the green economy, one of the important point is that it is our history, especially in recent decades, the accumulated wealth of human reproduction is used to a lot of investment, mainly used in real estate development, fossil fuels, and other mineral resources exploitation, and part of this is used in the financial derivatives, is the operation of the capital market. This model now, it seems, does not only affect the environment protection and sustainable development, also make the economy suffer."
Since 2008, in response to the global financial crisis and climate change, such as the United States and the European Union will develop green economy, low-carbon economy as a new economic growth point, the dilemma is trying to lead a new round of green technology revolution. As the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the us spread, green development has become a common choice for countries to overcome their difficulties and work together to solve climate change.
In China, the green development of cities occupies a very important position in the whole green development. Counselor of the state council niuweng-yuan the introduction: "statistical analysis points out that Chinese cities more than 287 cities, emissions of carbon dioxide a year accounted for 73.4% of the country's total, that is to say, nearly three-quarters of its carbon dioxide emissions from urban emissions. The country's 100 strong, strong economic strength of 100 cities and flush out carbon dioxide every year accounted for 51.3% of the total carbon dioxide."
To combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, China has vigorously developed renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind power, nuclear energy and bio-energy. Since 2009, China has invested more in renewable energy than Spain, nearly $50 billion a year, the world's largest. Green development is the only way for China to continue its rapid development.
Population resources and environment committee, deputy director of the CPPCC national committee wang yuqing, points out that countries should also make corresponding arrangement on the system, further support to the development of green technology, "including the fiscal and taxation policy support, financial policy support. Such as establishing green technology development fund, establish a multi-level, including financial investment, social capital investment, the guarantee system, the development of the corresponding bond market and equity investment fund, provide good financing environment for enterprises to develop green technology."

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