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The European Union intends to reduce the noise of motor vehicles to protect public health


On 9 December, the European commission approved a bill, the plan will be in five years by the cars, light trucks, buses and other heavy trucks caused by noise pollution by 25%.
At the same time, the European commission also advise mute operation of electric cars and hybrid vehicles to install voice device, to give way and other vehicles on the road can also hear their voice, so as to enhance security. This will ensure that the technology is adopted across the eu.
Although traffic has been rising, the European standards for motor vehicle noise emissions have not been revised since they were released in 1996. In the first half of this year, 20 motor vehicle noise experts wrote a letter to the European commission, calling for more effective measures to control motor vehicle noise emissions, because its negative effects have endanger nearly half the population of 210 million people in Europe.
Antonio, vice President of the European Union is responsible for the industrial affairs, low tower (AntonioTajani) said: "should be greatly reduced due to road traffic noise emissions, it has caused people to come to harm. Our goal is to make driving on the road motor vehicles more quiet, create a more healthy environment."
In the "control vehicle noise level suggestion is put forward by the European Union, the European commission, citing world health organization (who), according to data from the European traffic noise in the cities will become a major source of environmental stimuli.
Bill, points out that the "first of all, exposed to noise environment will result in a sleep and daily behavior disorder, cause person be agitated, pressure increase. If affected for a long time, will therefore increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and mental disorders."
In 2008 the world health organization (who) the economic assessment report on traffic cause health problems, pay special attention to the noise of children's health problem, such as extremely agitated, sleep quality decline, serious sleep disorder, insomnia, ischemic heart disease and high blood pressure and so on.
Report says: "given its harm to health, lower quality of life, and the corresponding cost, it is necessary to reduce noise emissions."
The bill passed in the European Union, the European commission that the eu is currently applicable traffic noise emission regulations should be revised, the future should be consistent with the internationally accepted the relevant standards.
According to within the scope of the whole of Europe for the new regulations, eu citizens can easily purchase, sale and use of motor vehicles, at the same time to ensure that all the Europe perform the same health, safety and environmental standards. "Our bill makes it easier for European companies to sell cars outside the European Union," taani said.

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