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Conoco has denied that the oil spill experts said it was a tricky argument


Just three days after 107 fishermen filed suit against conocophillips China, conoco denied that the spill had contaminated the environment. That contradicts the previous survey by the state oceanic administration, which represents lawyers who said conoco's statements were a quibble.
According to the Wall Street journal reported, conocophillips, 16, said that the company number on the penglai 19-3 oilfield drilling platform around the water tested, also conducted a study on the coast, basic there is no evidence that oil spill accidents occurred in June, had an impact on the environment. Before the 13th, because oil Marine pollution and economic losses of 107 fishermen formally filed a lawsuit to the tianjin maritime court, for conocophillips China compensation for the economic losses of more than 490 million yuan.
For conocophillips of the above statement, this case the attorney's partner at law firm zhao jing wei told reporters, conoco's rhetoric in defend himself, because the state oceanic administration has on this incident has carried on the qualitative, pollution also preliminary announced, "pollution very serious also very obvious, and conocophillips own said there is no pollution, there is no any convincing, chicanery. In addition, you can see, it is more and more didn't want to really solve the problem of ecological damage and compensation for enthusiasm and responsible attitude". At the same time, some netizens questioned conoco's conclusions: "does this mean that the oil is not polluting the environment?" "Look at the beach picture in dalian. It's like a coating of asphalt on the beach."
Actually in early November 11, the state oceanic administration has released the investigation conclusion, said "conocophillips China co., LTD in the penglai 19-3 oilfield in violation of the overall development plan, in the process of production operation system and management is lack, the accident symptom is apparent in the later, did not take the necessary precautions, the resulting cause heavy sea overflow oil pollution liability accident". The oil spill has led to the leaking of 3, 345 barrels of oil and drilling mud into the surrounding waters.
According to the civil procedure law, after receiving the complaint, the court shall file a case within 7 days after being examined and deemed to be eligible for prosecution. "So 20 is the deadline for filing and now is the outcome." "Mr Zhao said.

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