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Job: Sales Personnel Household: No Formal Schooling:College degree or above Age requirement: unlimited

Monthly pay:
Base salary 2000+Commission Hiring: 0-10 Work Experience:experienced Gender: No limit
Job responsibilities:


Job responsibilities::

 1、To be responsible for the development of customer requirements and product sales;
2、To be responsible for the sales of pre-sales and after-sales customers。


1、College degree or above, good image, good temperament;
2、Initiative, positive work attitude, love sales job, a line of love;
3、Have strong ambition and face the challenge;
4、Good communication and expression ability, ability of strain ability and problem solving ability, psychological quality is good

5、Good teamwork spirit and customer service awareness;
6、To adapt to business trip;
7、Sales experience or marketing professional preferred person can call directly.

Software Engineer
Job: Software Engineer  Household: No  Formal Schooling:Undergraduate cours  Age Requirement: unlimited
Monthly pay:  8000-10000  Hiring: 0-10  Work experience   :    Yes  Gender: No limit
Job responsibilities: Have certain working experience, can bear hardships and endurance.
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