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  TR-9300 continuous emission monitoring system is elaborately made by combining world advanced online analysis technologies with China environmental protection monitoring technologies through our abundant experience accumulated in the field of industrial processes for years. It is applied to online monitoring of gaseous pollutants (SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, O2) and solid pollutants in flue gas as well as temperature, pressure, humidity and flow, generates maps and environmental protection reports by a data acquisition and processing system, and can transmit data to environmental protection departments at all levels. The system is designed according to industrial standards, with a large quantity of successful cases.

 1、System composition

heating and sampling system

pre-treatment system

gas analyzer (for measuring SO2, NO, O2, CO, CO2)

dust concentration measuring instrument

data processing system for humidity

temperature and pressure measuring instrument 

 2、Technical indexes

Measurement compositions Measurement range

SO2: 0~5000ppm(optional)

NOX: 0~5000ppm(optional)

CO: 0~5000ppm(optional)

Dust:0~100% Impermeability 0~4000mg/m3
Temperature 0~300℃