JNYQ-THC-51 online gas chromatograph

The JNYQ-THC-51 gas chromatograph series is a new generation product developed by Xi'an Juneng Instrument Co., Ltd. The instrument can be equipped with five detectors, including high sensitivity thermal conductivity (TCD), hydrogen flame ionization (FID), photoionization (PID), ultra-high sensitivity helium ionization detector (PDHID), zirconium oxide detector (ZrO), etc., to achieve online analysis of ppb% impurities; Analyze data transmission through Modbus TCP, Modbus RUT protocol, or 4-20mA signal; The instrument is equipped with an embedded computer control system as standard, and the built-in analysis software can easily achieve instrument control, sample injection analysis, and data transmission; It can be installed in a 19 inch standard cabinet and can also be applied to laboratory analysis.

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Oxygen (nitrogen) gas analyzer

The analytical instrument can use various oxygen sensors such as electrochemistry/zirconia furnace/ion flow, and advanced digital processing technology to achieve continuous, automatic, and rapid online detection of oxygen

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Dew point analyzer

The dew point meter adopts imported Michel/Vaisala capacitive dew point sensors and crystal oscillator principle sensors, with fast response speed, high sensitivity, and simple operation. It can measure the trace moisture content in various gases and achieve continuous, automatic, and fast online detection of moisture content in various gases. Suitable for military industry, electricity, gas chemical industry, meteorology, laboratory metrology and testing, and other fields.

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